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Our Why – Why CBD, Why Hemp


In 2018 Joe had to undergo rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. One in August and the next in December. A friend sent him a bottle of hemp oil with CBD to help alleviate the pain. IT WORKED!! Through two surgeries and eight months of intense physical therapy, thanks to the medicinal benefits of CBD, he had no pain. The surgeon was quite impressed and even remarked that Joe was a superman to allow him to move his arm in so many directions. WE WERE SOLD! Around this same time, the SCDA as accepting application for Hemp growing permits in South Carolina. We applied and much to our surprise, we were permitted. We got busy fast to get 4o acres of hemp in the ground. Once we grew the hemp, dried it and got the flower off, it was decided that we would produce locally sourced CBD right here in South Carolina and we began to process the flower for oil ourselves. So began the processing step. Once we started processing, the only logical thing to do was to begin making products. Products that we could be sure contained local hemp and the purest CBD available. We wanted to make a positive difference.

Our hemp is tested multiple times by certified outside labs throughout the growing season, the harvest, the processing and then again once it has been used in products. We believe in the benefits of hemp and CBD.  We use the products ourselves, so you can be   sure we are giving you the very best products we can.